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What is your average cost for LTC?

I'd be interested to hear from someone with a smaller bag. My first purchase was in November @ 270$ in the first half of November. (insert joke about beginners and stupid fomo) Despite all the red candles afterwards, I followed the advice, that I...

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Litecoin fame

Why isn't Litecoin being talked about that much around the crypto community, submitted by /u/Winter-Magazine1201 [link] [comments]

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Buying and spending Litecoin

Does anyone buy Litecoin anymore just to spend? It seems that people only want to accumulate more of the coin. I buy a little, spend it, buy more. Am I the only one who does this? What am I missing here? Yes, a big payday eventually. Litecoin is mean...

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OmniLite M-Address

MN1EPk1fStotxMVdf2UWqVLRf8E4n5sjcp Send some coins you guys have created. Drop your addresses ???????????????? submitted by /u/EffectiveVariety1479 [link] [comments]