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LiteCoin-cli commands are dangerous

Now I know why there are so many exchange robberies. What I have learned from running my full node if you do not have your OWN full node YOUR money is at risk to a geek with a attitude. Either run your own full node or get the hell out of crypto. If...

Looking to invest, but need some help.

I’m looking to invest into Litecoin because of the whole market in general. I think it’s a good price because last time I looked into crypto hard core litecoin was hitting all time highs and I didn’t pull the trigger because I saw a lot of “hype” dri...

New Peer to Peer Zero Trust Exchange

I am building a Zero Trust Anonymous public LTC-USD exchange. No banks No Cash No third party just a way to lock ???? up your LTC until you the seller confirms receiving the cash. The buyer only then gets instant access to his new LTC and must send i...

Delayed transactions

Anyone else having their LTC transactions take an unusually long amount of time? submitted by /u/Comprehensive-Gas-80 [link] [comments]

Secure Ltc transactions?

Is there a way to transfer Litecoin or crypto for goods/services that is guaranteed and safe? submitted by /u/Lightfoot360 [link] [comments]