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Reasons I like LTC

everyone is slagging it off as old tech, that POS has already taken over from POW. It's slipped from a top 5 coin to almost out the top 20. neglected it lags many coins then explodes upwards very quickly. those who haven't sold here aren'...

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Litecoin web Content

For those asking for high-performing cryptocurrency and blockchain web content( such as blog and articles). You can now order here submitted by /u/samuel_lincol...

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Coinbase pro vs FTX

What is the better place to buy litecoin? Also what’s the difference between buying on coinbase and coinbase pro. submitted by /u/sourfruit16 [link] [comments]

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How is LTC not vastly more valuable?

I just recently (Feb ‘21) started really looking at LTC and investing in this coin. After reading the white paper and use cases, honestly how has LTC stayed so relatively worthless (used just in dollar to dollar comparison) to BTC? It has the second...

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We’re excited to announce the stratagic partnership between iMM and BSClaunch. The partnership program will focus on building up a bridge for quality projects and the partners will collaborate closely to create a synergy and success. We at iMM, have...

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Crypto Dumping? |Time To Buy?

Not sure if now is the right time to buy more cryptocurrency? This may help submitted by /u/cryptoverse001 [link] [comments]