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Fill your bags now! Last chance to get BTC over $40k!

Fill your bags now! Last chance to get BTC over $40k!

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Alright guys, the time has come and the true crash is about to happen! With Bitcoin right at the $40k mark, this will be the last time in the foreseeable future you’ll be able to buy it this high a price. It’s time to go all-in and prove that you truly have diamond hands.

So what is my strategy-

1- early withdraw my 401k and invest it in BTC

2- get as many personal loans as I can and use those to buy ETH above $3k

3- go to the bank and get a reverse mortgage on my home

With these 3 simple steps, I can set myself up to show that I have diamond hands and believe in crypto. It will lead to wife-changing money, as she will divorce me and I can focus purely on crypto.

I am also going to pressure my family and friends to invest blindly into crypto. If they can survive the next 3 years if a crypto winter, they will earn my respect.

Buy high, sell low. Not financial advice.

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