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I don't see 'fear' yet

I don't see 'fear' yet

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Everyone keeps talking about the fear and fear index and repeating "buy when there is fear, sell when there is greed". All I see around several many crypto subs is "Buy the dip!", and "I'm filling my bags!", "Fire sale!".

None of this sounds like fear, let alone 'extreme fear'. I haven't seen major sell-offs, only a few saying they're selling out of fear or worry for losing more.

I really think we're higher on the extreme greed scale than we are in regards to financial fear. Even the holders older than 2017 are just "Meh, what dip?".

We aren't there yet. I'm not saying we will get there or won't get there. Just sayin', we aren't there. This volatility is greed in my view. Everyone, retail and whales; we are all waiting for it to dip more. Small 'paper hands' outnumber hodlrs and so the prices all go down. We know the news, we know the prices are going lower, and we are all willing to let them.

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