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I have a problem....

I have a problem....


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I have a problem....

so to keep it short, for a month and a half now i have been trying to withdraw money from binance to my bank account, but i has not been working at all.

i have noticed a few things:

1) it seems like my account does not have access to a spot wallet for some reason

2) my account cannot see any debit card/ form of payment that i add even though you can see it. (basically what im saying is that i can add a new bank account, but when i go to withdraw it does not see it)

3) the mobile version of the account also does not work because of the same reasons and the withdraw does not work aswell

4) i have a suspicion that it could be a different version of the account because it looks different from any of the YouTube video's that i watch

what i see on my dashboard

what you are supposed to see on your dashboard

this is what i get when i want to withdraw something

these are the accounts that i have linked, and as you can see above, bibnace does not seem to see them

please someone help me, since the support team also has no idea what is going on

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