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Is this a phishing email or old Binance (not .US)?

Is this a phishing email or old Binance (not .US)?


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[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

The 2 after "directmail" seem suspicious. But the email stated:

Reset Password

You've requested to reset the password linked with your Binance account.

Please note: After updating your password, we'll disable withdrawals for 24 hours.

To confirm your request, please use the 6-digit code below:

Then it gave a code. And then said:

The verification code will be valid for 30 minutes. Please do not share this code with anyone.
If you don't recognize this activity, please disable your account and contact our customer support immediately at

But I went to Binance and since I have a US IP address I can't access that account anymore (since the migration to BINANCE.US which I did months ago).

Not sure what to do in this situation. Please Advise. Thank you!

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