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Jeremy Hogan response to James K. Filan

Jeremy Hogan response to James K. Filan

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@FilanLaw makes some great points and, we are really all just speculating. But IF there's no settlement and Ripple didn't respond to the SEC brief, I think that's a mistake and that's NOT something I would expect from this legal team. In addition, ...(cont'd)

...we know that 90-95% of SEC cases settle at some level - but it is difficult to call - like picking the bottom of a falling stock, you know it's going to bottom out sometime, but when is the question. @JohnEDeaton1 also thinks the last week or so have been strange...(cont'd) that there has been a dearth of motion practice on a key privilege (and some other) issues. This type of lull in activity is a characteristic of a settlement and if I don't see something soon that is my guess. BUT yes, it could be 10 other things as well. Thanks @FilanLaw!

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