free web page hit counter PointPay - The Future of The Blockchain-based Banking - Token Sale!

PointPay - The Future of The Blockchain-based Banking - Token Sale!


PointPay is all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem of 4 products for secure financial transactions online.
Send, receive and exchange cryptocurrency with confidence in minutes
➢Crypto Bank
➢Crypto Exchange
➢Crypto Wallet
➢Online Payment System

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PointPay starts the development of the all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will provide the best convenience for our customers in accessing all cryptocurrency related services in one platform. We are planning to launch an extended version of the PointPay Crypto Wallet, an extended version of PointPay Crypto Exchange and the fully licensed PointPay Crypto Bank. Some companies announce their plans to implement the same vision, but none of them can carry out completely so far. We hope to be the first company to successfully implement a fully licensed all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in the global marketplace.

PointPay is creating a fundamentally new product that combines three services in a single closed-loop ecosystem:

PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. We work so that our potential customers could be users of the World Wide Web residing anywhere in the world. The payment tool will be the PXP utility token of the ERC-20 standard, created by PointPay based on the Ethereum platform as the most popular core for building blockchain systems. Firstly, this solution will combine the three abovementioned services in one ecosystem, and, secondly, make the PXP token a valuable asset that will be in demand in the cryptocurrency market.

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Furthermore the secure platform of PointPay has develop business connections with more than 50 traditional banks recently and 25 payment systems, as well as 20 lawyers who deal with issues of licensing crypto related business globally.

PointPay have been in the industry for more than four with proof of practical and reputable years of experience in rendering technical and fundamental quality assistance to notable payment systems in devise locations of the nations of the world which include but not limited to authorization of contracts, working with traditional banks, disbursing out funds, and developing multifaceted payment structure that makes payment more efficient and effective for community. On this note the PointPay platform are at this time piloting a crowd funding campaign through the sale of 500,000,000 PXP tokens in order to raise funds for the development of the product the point pay platform proposes .

The PointPay Platform will issue bank securities, or securities, for the most popular crypto assets — such as, for example, the Security of Bitcoin PointPay or Ethereum PointPay Security. It will be possible to display assets on balance bank accounts not only at PointPay Crypto Bank, but also in other banks throughout the world.

PointPay Crypto Bank is revolutionize “All-in-one” utility token-based blockchain ecosystem which provides crypto banking quality services by integrating fiat asset into the platform for easy transactions with digital asset .

Soft cap: $1,000,000

Hard cap: $30,000,000

Symbol: PXP (PointPay token)

Total supply: 500,000,000

Unsold tokens: to be destroyed

The PointPay Crypto wallet is not just for a single type of coin but has the ability to store many Cryptocurrency from various platforms. PointPay wallet is a Multi-currency Wallet which enable storage of all manner of digital currencies. As much as PointPay wallet stores multicurrency crypto, it also has the capacity to store Fiat accounts. In other words, you can manage both your Crypto assets and Fiat on PointPay wallet.

One great thing about PointPay Crypto wallet is that, it is very easy to use. A newbie in the crypto world can make use of it likewise a professional. It is so designed in such a way that is understandable for everyone to use.

Conclusion, Thanks to the brains behind PointPay platform because of its all encompassing features. PointPay is all anybody needs to shuttle between Crypto and Fiat and even bank digital currencies. I believe this platform will bring many people into the crypto space by the embedded ability to easily exchange crypto into Fiat and Fiat into Crypto.

The last PointPay tokens are on pre-sale! Join now!



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