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A very interesting analysis

I found this very interesting analysis about BTC security: https://mobile.twitter.com/MorganTBennett/status/1482411627655933953?cxt=HHwWgsC51a3hypIpAAAA It becomes even more interesting at the end of it, in the appendix, I copy and paste: ”Re: "...

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This analysis of the Ark Innovation fund reminds me of crypto investments and why I encourage everyone to invest a decent percentage in stablecoins. One of the best things about crypto is how easily you can beat the stock market with stablecoins yields.

Here's the article about the inherent dangers of longterm high growth holds ("we're still early") in an environment of rising interest rates: https://www.thestreet.com/memestocks/reddit-trends/cathie-woods-ark-innovation-etf-what-a-...

More / Bitcoin Reddit - 1 week ago

ETH Today Analysis

In the daily market of Ethereum, the current market is also near the 5-day moving average. The pressure level above is still in the downward movement, and the short-term pressure is still relatively obvious, but the attached indicator is still in the...