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The game it's rigged.

The game it's rigged.

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We have long history on the financial system... And we can see how bankers are the real guys who control the strings on society, they make wars, they bankrupt countries, put your dear politicians in place, they pay lobbyists to push laws that benefits them, and the only thing that they want it's just more for themselves.

They were winning, by a long shot, until crypto came along the way, we have an asset that has a limited stablished immutable quantity, we have a way to move large ammounts of money for a really low cost, and move that to anywhere in the world and the fee will stay the same, we have some crypto projects that give you 5-7% APY, we also have a decentralized system, where no one it's in control, and they just can't kill that one guy who's in charge of the project, and they don't like that, the only way that they have to kill crypto it's to regulate it hard, in a bad way, and they are doing that right now, at least on the US, but their Ego doesn't let them see that other countries already see the potential that crypto has, and that's where we have the advantage.

The fact that they are paying millions, and millions for lobbysts to put crypto in a box, it's something that makes me actually smile, it's the proof that we are standing at the most revolutionary asset that we have ever seen. Hell even two of the most brilliant minds on the world predicted this system, Henry Ford and Milton Friendman, they knew that the government and a central bank, would be bad for society on the long run.

We are about to change the game folks, don't be discouraged, don't put your guard down, and don't let a red day, forget about why we are really here, to make f*cking history.

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