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Top 10 cryptocurrencies 5 years ago. Where are they now?

Top 10 cryptocurrencies 5 years ago. Where are they now?

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Bitcoin(BTC) - Forever the king keeps marching on. Currently down 37% from ATH.

Ethereum(ETH) - Lost #2 spot a few times in the last 5 years but has regained the spot and remains second. Currently down 48% from ATH.

Steem(STEEM) - Reached ATH of $8 during 2017 bull market. Currently down 95% from ATH. Market cap now is lower than 5 years ago. Will probably never recover again. 0 GitHub commits in the last 5 months. Currently ranked #168.

Ripple(XRP) - Always sticking around in the top 6. Reached #2 in 2017 bull market. Didn't rally as much as other altcoins this year due to SEC controversy. Down 82% from ATH. Currently ranked #6

Litecoin(LTC) - Used to be a fixture in the top 10 until this year. DeFi coins and stable coins have pushed it out of top 10 and although it's useful as testnet for BTC, will probably not regain top 10 spot again. Down 67% from ATH. Currently ranked #13.

Ethereum Classic(ETC) - The original Ethereum blockchain before the DAO hack. Still around and still somewhat popular on Robinhood even though there is not much development. Down 70% from ATH. Currently ranked #18.

Dash(DASH) - The masternodes POW opt-in privacy coin which gained crazy popularity in 2017 but has completely lost its relevance since then. Down 91% from ATH and unlikely to recover. Currently ranked #57.

NEM(XEM) - Another massively hyped enterprise blockchain project during 2017 bull run. XEM was somewhat like ADA is currently. Everything based on academic research in network theory using a unique proof-of-importance consensus model. Down 93% from ATH and unlikely to recover. Currently ranked #61.

MaidSafeCoin(MAID) - Probably the first big distributed storage and file sharing altcoin focused on user privacy. The project actually started even before Bitcoin in 2006 without a cryptocurrency and the token was launched in 2014. MAID saw a little resurgence this year with other storage coins. Down 51% from ATH. Currently ranked #123.

Lisk(LSK) - One of the first dPOS or delegated proof-of-stake blockchain for DApps allowing developers to build their own blockchain as interlinked sidechains to Lisk blockchain. LSK was massively popular during 2017 bull market. Down 94% from ATH. Unlikely to recover. Currently ranked #117.

How many are still in the top 10? Three.

How many are in the top 50? Five.

How many are in the top 100? Seven.

Hype never lasts. Fundamentals last forever.

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