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Verify Seed (Peace of Mind)

Verify Seed (Peace of Mind)

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Hey Guys,

using a Ledger Nano X HW wallet. When I initially set up the HW wallet I double and triple checked my seed phrase and then went on to secure it. Now that a couple of month have gone by and my BTC account grew considerable I really regret that I haven't "recovered" my private key once initially to verify the seed (best practice: Generate seed --> send small amount to address --> recover private key with seed) because I didn't know better at the time. Now to give me peace of mind I would really like to do so. Any tips on what the safest way is? I see three options:

  1. I think Ledger now has an app to verify the seed phrase
  2. Move coins to different address (temporarily) and recover the PK on my ledger
  3. (not sure about this one) What if a bough a second ledger and recovered it there? I should have two Ledgers each containing my key and I should be able to access my coins with both

Anyway, I appreciate the help and I regret not doing this in the first place.

Thx guys!

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