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Wage slave by design (post deleted in r/antiwork)

Wage slave by design (post deleted in r/antiwork)

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This post was deemed off topic in r/antiwork so I'm posting it here for posterity.

When you look around you and you observe the way the world works today you get this feeling that something is wrong. You see rich people with more wealth that they could possibly enjoy in a single lifetime and then you see yourself, struggling and you can't understand why, why are you living month to month barely getting by. You talk to people like r/antiwork and you find out you are not alone so you lach onto one of the popular explanations for why this is. The rich man is bad! The government is bad! The capitalist system is bad! You are being exploited at your job! etc etc

But you never learned what really is the primary cause of your suffering. And it's this:

You don't understand the exponential function and just what 2% per year inflation target by your central bank really means for your money.

You don't understand that this POLICY, publicly stated by YOUR central bank, is the main reason why you can't get ahead. Because you don't think 2% per year is a big deal. You don't get how the exponential function works as it's very counter intuitive. You don't get that 2% per year means in just 35 years your money will be worth HALF of what it was on the day you earned it. And you don't understand that if they overshoot their target(again publicly stated as some sort of virtue called "price stability") and the inflation is really 7% this happens in just 10 years. 10 fucking years and your savings lose half of it's purchasing power!!

THIS is the cage you are in.

It's the monetary system of steady decrease of the value of money you earn. And guess what, the way this inflation is achieved helps out the richer getting even more rich.

I guess what the purpose of my message to you is, understand the cage you are in. Because if you fail to do this, you will never get out. Learn about money and monetary systems, support people who speak out against the current global monetary enslavement scam, put your wealth into money and assets that can't be inflated(gold, bitcoin, land, commodities) and spread this knowledge.

It's not hopeless. In fact with the invention of the internet and Bitcoin it's as hopefull as it ever was as this is a really really old scheme(think Romans old) and we have tools to fight it for the first time in human history. But you have to learn what the real problem is, the exponential function is really counter intuitive and it's how they keep you blind to just how much pain their 2% per year cuases you.

Good luck and peace out.

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