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When will the current crypto cycle peak?

When will the current crypto cycle peak?

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Hey guys! The title basically already says it all, but let me elaborate a little bit.

Obviously non of us has a crystal ball and knows the future. I myself have been in the crypto space since early this year and honestly know s***. I don't do any TA, have not lived through a full cycle yet and therefore am basically trying to educate myself through whatever can be found on the internet.

Looking at various articles, understanding all the different charts like the psychology of a market cycle and listening to Ben, Guy and Lark on YouTube are basically the main sources I am currently using in order to navigate through the market. I truly believe, that we're all part of something big, that will change the financial landscape of the future in some kind of way. No matter how small or big your own stacks are.

I do like and understand the whole HODL mentality but in the end most of us are just here for the money and I personally don't want to be one of the heavy bag holders when the next crypto winter comes around. And as far as I am concerned, it will come sooner or later.

I would be interested to know what you guys believe will happen within the upcoming months. When do you think the current cycle will peak and what do you build your believe upon? The range of different opinions is huge. A certain big boy, who is known for scamming his own followers, for example says it's going to happen by end of this month, which would surprise me to be honest. F*** him. Others say it might be at the end of this year, potentially early next year, as history doesn't necessarily repeats, but it surely can rhyme.

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