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Cryptocoins Exchanges / CEX.IO - 4 weeks ago

Media about us. August 2021

Good times are coming. At least such a prediction now looks more likely as markets begin to show really positive dynamics for the first time since May.  Discover the hottest crypto news and events together with the experts from CEX.IO. In August medi...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / CEX.IO - 4 weeks ago

Crypto event worth attending: TOKEN2049

At CEX.IO, we follow industry trends and contribute to expanding the crypto informational space by sharing our expertise on a variety of public discussion talks. We are also sharing the news about the events that, in our view, are worth attending. On...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / CEX.IO - 1 month ago

Trading Competition: Back to school ????

We hate to break it for you, but summer is gone . Good news? New Year gets closer!  Now it’s time to throw a blanket over your suntanned skin, make yourself some latte with marshmallows, and bite into charts once again in 2021. Students are back to s...