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by COINS NEWS - 9 hours ago

AMA with CZ - Binance CEO!

Hi r/CryptoCurrency - thanks for having us today. Accounts you can expect to see in this thread: /u/cpzhao - that's CZ! If you don't know CZ, he's the CEO of Binance. /u/Binance - that's us, Binance! CZ will be here answering quest...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 1 day ago

Binance futures question.

Whats the max amount of money one could put into a futures position with 50x leverage? I know there is a max amount based on each coin, but is there a max amount of liquidty you could add on top once you have opened the “max limit position”? s...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 1 day ago

Binance card doesnt work sometimes.

I am using binance card for almost 1 year now and i noticed something. Some places were visa works, it seems they dont accept the binance visa. For example: - it gets declined and refunded. Anyone else noticed it aswell? submitted...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 2 days ago

Binance Visa card

Hey guys, I have a Binance Visa Card and I live in Cyprus, can I use it on PayPal and Google Ads as normal debit cards? submitted by /u/AuthorDisastrous5802 [link] [comments]

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 2 days ago

TradingView & Binance not aligned?

I have issues finding accurate numbers on all crypto on trading view. The price of BTCUSD for example is never the same on trading view as in Binance futures. Is there any way to resolve this issue or how can I work around it ? Im using trading vie...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 3 days ago

trade on binance with ZERO fees!

I discovered something on binance yesterday, which i think a lot of people dont know, so im sharing this information here to save u guys some money. There is a way you could trade nearly everything with zero fees. This is possible through their...