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Litecoin web Content

For those asking for high-performing cryptocurrency and blockchain web content( such as blog and articles). You can now order here https://nativewritershub.com/blochchain-and-cryptocurrency-content-writers/ submitted by /u/samuel_lincol...

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Spend Litecoin

Hello friends! I’m new here and I really love that Litecoin is a currency you actually can use in the real world. I’m wondering tho. Where is the best place to buy stuff online for your Litecoin? I’m interested in some electronics. Thank you so much...

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Litecoin Node Websockets

I need a websockets integration, to listen to tens or hundreds of thousands of accounts at the same time. How can I do this without relying on a third party API ? Can I do this with a Litecoin node ? submitted by /u/anarkrypto [link]...

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What usecase do litecoin have?

Yo Guys, please tell me which usecase litecoin has. I am very interessted at litecoin but i can not see any usecase in it. Maybe you can help me out. Thanks. submitted by /u/FayloxTheOne [link] [comments]

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Ways to support Litecoin

Hellow together, I love litecoin but I don't know how I can support it best. I want to support it not only through donations, I want to be a part of it. I can imagine to support the development or the PR but I am not so familiar in C++. Are there...

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Whats going on with litecoin.org being blocked?

Malwarebytes is blocking the download domain for litecoin.org, this is not something I've experienced before. Flagging some crypto wallets when I run them is common but not blocking an entire website. The GPG signature seems to check out but it m...

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Will Litecoin increase block size in future?

I was wondering how good Litecoin has become for payments today. So, just wanted to ask if Litecoin someday had a lot more people doing transactions, such that the blocks become full, and to maintain Litecoin always cheap to transact, will it increas...