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LiteCoin-cli commands are dangerous

Now I know why there are so many exchange robberies. What I have learned from running my full node if you do not have your OWN full node YOUR money is at risk to a geek with a attitude. Either run your own full node or get the hell out of crypto. If...

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Litecoin and BCH

Hey guys, it is a short question, how Do you all see litecoin? Is it in your eys also a nice peer to peer alternative and if not why not, and what are key differences between it and btc and bch . Thank you all and have a great day :)

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Litecoin Nodes are Available!

Hi, r/litecoin community! Just keeping you informed that we have $LTC nodes available for everyone. But what does it mean? It means that if you want to build & develop on Litecoin network, as well as integrate it into your projects you can...

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Litecoin has real world value

Millions of people have used the Litecoin Network to make transactions. The transaction fee is usually no higher than 0.001 cents. A tenth of a cent, and it relies on no 3rd party. It's truly decentralized. Litecoin is one of the most solid an...

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Litecoin deposit glitch

So there was a glitch that a guy deposited 1£ worth of litecoin to a gambling website and a gambling website gave him 200000£ gambling money do you guys know why that happened is it a site problem or what? submitted by /u/mcfista [lin...

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Anonymous hosting with Litecoin

Hello all, I hope I'm not breaking any rules. The rules specify that new merchants are allowed to post about their services so here I am! I wanted to share with you a new hosting service we started about a year ago. It's completely anonymous...