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What's Uniswap?

General Conclusion Uniswap is an Ethereum-based decentralised exchange (DEX), where people can trade between with ERC-20 tokens entirely on-chain using smart contracts. It eliminates order books and is an interesting feature compared to centralised e...

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O.O Arbititrum on Sushi Swap and Uniswap v3 :)

I was doing research around Arbitrum and I realized that both Sushi and Uni V3 have both integrated it into their service. I decided I was going to check it out. It seems like it just works folks. The price impacts on tiny 5 dollar trades are a few c...

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Gas fees on uniswap

I want to convert about $100 ETH to another token on Uniswap, but the gas fee is $70! Any pro tips to lower it? Binance only charged me $13 to send the ETH to my MetaMask, so could I adjust something to get the same on Uniswap/Metamask, or does Binan...