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How does uniswap or 1inch works?

I just tried to swap some WBTC to ETH and it took fees but the swap didn't seem to work. I also tried via 1inch to swap WBTC to USDT and same thing. Am i missing anything>? Example: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa92d84f93014776fdcc1ab8ab9fac286fe4...

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UNISWAP is migrating to MATIC

Does this mean I can invest in projects started on ethereum and listed on uniswap by using matic? ​ I understand matic is a layer 2 solution but it serves no purpose to the investor if he can not invest on eth small caps. ​ Is there any...

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Does L2 Uniswap just not have any tokens?

Been trying to use an L2 Optimism/Arbritrum for buying tokens with Uniswap. Seems like the set of available tokens is super limited. Im seeing like 20 different tokens, is this correct? submitted by /u/versaceblues [link] [comme...