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by COINS NEWS - 14 hours ago

a Cardano Roadmap - /CC style

Cardano is just a whitepaper (2017) Cardano is vaporware (2017) Cardano doesnt even have light wallets (2018) Cardano is centralised ( July 29, 2020) Cardano cannot support NFT (1 March 2021) no one is developing on cardano, (March 2021 - plutus poin...

by COINS NEWS - 1 day ago

12 reasons Cardano can't scale in 2022

This post is a reality check on IOHK's latest investor disinformation campaign: https://iohk.io/en/blog/posts/2022/01/14/how-we-re-scaling-cardano-in-2022/ Tldr: It's great to see they are starting to acknowledge Cardano's scalability pro...