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Bitcoin News / Bitcoin.com - 4 days ago

ADALend: New Wave of DeFi Loans on Cardano

ADALend is building a scalable and decentralized lending protocol on Cardano, governed by the community. Cardano is the market leader in PoS as a collection of protocols for economic support to billions of people. Over the last decade, the decentrali...

More / Etherum Reddit - 5 days ago

Why is ethereum better than cardano?

I recently posted on the cardano sub “why is cardano better than ethereum?”. I wanted to know this subs thoughts on why etherum is better than cardano? submitted by /u/pinkwave24 [link] [comments]

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 1 week ago

Cardano congested in binance

Hi guys, as u all know cardano network is congested right now..how do u guys transfer cardano ? Is it ok if i still proceed to use the network wven tho it is congested? submitted by /u/Choice-Group-5322 [link] [comments]