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BETH is looking hot!

My crypto AI's been giving off back to back pings with BETH. Normally, this many pings correlates to price performances. Wondering if anyone had the inside to why theres so much commotion on BETH? Heres the ping(s) below:

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Recovery of Mist wallet key stores?

Hey I have two old keystores for my Mist wallet, I also think I have teh correct passphrase for that as well stored in s spread sheet. I haven't touched those accounts in a while and I think there is Ethereum in there. How do I recover those? I...

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Swapping SEth to Eth

Hi I’m just trying to exchange my Seth to eth. I converted it on lido staking and everytime I use curve finance to exchange it back the transaction doesn’t go through. I’m using im token as my wallet. Any help will be greatly appreciated ???????????...

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When will the current crypto cycle peak?

Hey guys! The title basically already says it all, but let me elaborate a little bit. Obviously non of us has a crystal ball and knows the future. I myself have been in the crypto space since early this year and honestly know s***. I don't do any...

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Do we as a user need to use rollups?

I keep reading about rollups and have no idea how they are being used. Do I need to move funds to arbitrum. I don't think it is feasible for users to do this especially new ones. People are lazy. Like if we have rollups now why do dapps like unis...