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I yolod my life into Bitcoin this morning.

I yolod my life into Bitcoin this morning.

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Previously I had been putting 10% of my paycheck into Bitcoin. I had about USD4500 Invested, and am currently down about 1500. Not great.

Over the past week I've seen all sorts of stuff regarding moons and rockets. Each day, whether listening to the radio in the car, or seeing a billboard, or walking outside, I even saw a Tesla with a license plate that read "MUN·RKT". I feel like this is a sign. So, I dumped all 12,000 of my savings into btc. I have until the 15th to get out while I still can as I'm going to bootcamp for 3.5 months for the us military.

Edit: changed "3,000 return" to "down 1500"

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